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4 Ways Food Facilitates Networking at Your Corporate Event

The purpose of a networking event is to bring people together to make new contacts, build relationships, share ideas, and expand your brand. Food helps facilitate the process. Here are four ways Apex corporate event catering can get things started.

Breaks the Ice

Nothing breaks the tension of meeting new people and participating in conversations like food. Instead of filling dishes with the old standbys, get creative and design a fruit medley carved into different shapes or arrange an eye-catching combo of finger foods. Apex corporate event catering can create unique food items that are bound to strike up a conversation.

Shakes Up the Comfort Zone

Since mingling is at the core of a successful networking event, encourage people to get out of their seats. One way to do this is to ask professionals for help with event catering in Apex. We can set up food stations or buffet service to move people away from familiar faces. They will meet new people while admiring food and deciding which items to put on their plates. Our catering staff will help you select the right foods so attendees can exchange handshakes and information with a free hand.

Bans Boredom

To keep people engaged during a networking event, you need to provide sustenance to keep the energy alive. Light refreshments like trail mix, fresh fruit and beverages will help attendees stay energized. It doesn’t matter if the event is scheduled in the morning, afternoon, or evening we make network event catering in Apex exciting.

Creates Memories

Flavorful foods can linger on the taste buds for a long time. Pair the food with a theme, and attendees will remember the event long after it has ended. For instance, say you plan to have a panel discussion about “Building on the Best.” You can have a dessert station or salad bar with creative toppings for guests to make their own dish. Then encourage them to take a picture and post it on social media using event hashtags.

We realize that networking is an extension of your brand. Let us customize a menu to help build on your success. Schedule a free consultation for corporate catering in Apex.

Here’s What To Expect From Our Cary Corporate Event Catering Services

People attend corporate events because they want to network and learn. They also come together to achieve a specific goal. Regardless of the purpose of the event, everyone looks forward to great food when they attend an event. That is why Cary corporate event catering is so important.

What Can You Expect From Corporate Catering in Cary?

You will get exceptional service from a company that offers event catering in Cary. They will set up everything from the start of the event to the ending of it. They will not only set up the food, but they will also tear it down and clean up after the event is over. Corporate catering in Cary allows you to focus on other aspects of your event.

Communication is one of the keys to ensuring that you get the most out of your event. If you need to make any special requests, then you will need to do this in advance.

What Type of Event Catering in Cary do You Need?

In order to determine the type of catering that your company needs, you will need to consider your schedule. If your conference only lasts one day, then you may want to serve a continental breakfast or lunch. However, if your conference will last two or more days, then you may want to serve dinner. You will need to share your event schedule with your caterer in order to find out what works best for you.

Look for Added Value

Many catering companies will only serve food. However, our company will go the extra mile to make sure that your event is a success from beginning to the end.

If you are interested in Cary corporate event catering, call us to get a free estimate.

Our Cary Event Catering Team Shares What to Serve at Your Corporate Event

Catering for a corporate event can be tricky today. People have unique diets and tastes that can make it difficult to please everyone. Luckily, catering in Charlotte can help you pick the best meals with the least amount of trouble. Here are some popular ideas that everyone will enjoy!

1. Fruits and vegetables and cheese plates

Fruits and vegetables are a great option for a mingling event company party catering Apex. Allow people to make small plates with their favorite items. Include a variety of dips and crackers. If you offer a gluten free cracker, make it known so that people can make the right decision.

2. Chips and Dip

You can always have a variety of chips and salsa, guacamole, and dip. Sure, this might not be the best option for people on a lowfat diet. You can also include pita chips and hummus for people who want a healthier option!

3. Assorted Sandwiches

Finger sandwiches are a great option for everyone, because you can have multiple options! Ham and cheese or turkey and cheese are always popular options. You can also try salami and cream cheese. Have peanut butter and jelly for the kids and cucumber sandwiches on gluten free bread for the health conscious employees.

4. Desserts

Every time you need corporate event catering Apex, you need to have plenty of yummy desserts for your guests! It’s the most important part of every event if you ask me. Catering in Charlotte can help you pick between cookies, brownies, cakes, fruit, and parfaits.

Tribeca Catering can make your event great with treats for people with every diet and taste imaginable. For more help, send out a survey throughout the office to get input from your employees themselves on what they want for a corporate event catering Apex.

4 Tips for Throwing a Dinner Party Without Losing Your Mind

Hosting a dinner party can be fun, or it can be overwhelming. How you approach the plans can make all the difference. The following four tips can help you take a stress-free approach to party planning.

Set a Theme

It’s easier to organize your plans if you set a theme for the party. You can focus your invitations, your food and your decorations around that theme. It’s easier to keep your mind uncluttered when you can immediately toss out any idea that doesn’t mesh with the focus of the night. If you let your catering companies in Cary know about your theme, they can suggest meal ideas that tie right in.

Focus the Guest List

Catering companies in Cary will be quick to advise you: There’s no sense in inviting too many guests. Not only will you feel overwhelmed by addressing that many invitation envelopes and keeping track of everyone’s RSVPs, but you’ll also have to find space for all those people. Dinner party catering in Cary is more special and more intimate when you keep the guest list manageable.

Set an End Time

When you send out invitations, specify how long the party will last. That way, both you and your guests will know exactly what to expect at the end of the night. You’ll also be able to communicate that information to the company you hire for party catering in Cary.

Turn Down the Lights

It’s tempting to think that you have to clean every corner of your house before company shows up. Yes, you should tidy up ahead of time, but it’s not necessary to scrub every baseboard with a toothbrush. Instead, dim the lights so the specks of dust go unnoticed. Candles will provide illumination and ambiance without revealing too many flaws.

To take the stress of cooking off your pre-party plate, contact our team about dinner party catering in Cary.

Fall Is Wedding Season – Our Raleigh Wedding Catering Team Has Your Back

Springtime isn’t the only season to have a beautiful wedding. Even though this is still a favorite time of year for people when it comes to nuptials, there are more couples turning to the fall season to exchange vows. So, when is the best time to book your wedding? If you’re looking for Apex wedding caterers that can provide the best food for your wedding, it’s important to consider the season of your ceremony for this reason as well, especially if you plan to have all or part of your celebration outdoors.

When Should You Book Your Wedding Venue?

When it comes to affordable catering Apex options, it’s important to book your wedding venue and Apex wedding caterers as soon as you can. Book your fall wedding early, especially if you have a particular date in mind. If you wait too long, the location you want may not be available. It’s usually best to book your venue and an affordable catering Apex choice at least 10 months before your big day. Even if you make your reservations ahead of time, you’ll likely find that there aren’t many venue choices left, since some couples are already booking for their 2019 weddings.

Things to Consider When Booking for a Fall Wedding

Wedding catering Apex professionals are also busy throughout the year, and when they’re not providing delicious food for spring and summer nuptials, they are likely preparing meals and appetizers for fall and winter parties. This is why you should make arrangements with the best chefs in wedding catering Apex has to offer well in advance, before they are booked by another client. Caterers, like florists, live bands, DJs and wedding photographers, will likely book quickly during the regular wedding season, but these professionals may also be less available than you may think if you’re having a fall wedding and don’t hire your vendors ahead of time.

Timing is crucial when it comes to ensuring that all the elements of your fall wedding come together. If you have certain dates in mind or have your heart set on a specific venue, make sure you book as soon as you can so that your wedding day can truly be everything you’ve dreamed of.


Trying To Save Money On Your Next Event – Consider Hors d’Oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres is a French term that means outside the body of work. It is also referred to as not the main course. If you exercise a little creativity, then you can fix the best hors d’oeuvres. Catering hors d oeuvres is ideal for any event including wedding receptions and corporate events.

Why Appetizers are Ideal for Budget-Conscious Event

Appetizers are a great choice for people who are looking for affordable catering in Cary. You have the option of setting up appetizers at one station or multiple stations throughout the event. You may want to have the appetizers passed out if you want your guests to stay in one place. However, if you want your guests to move around, then it is a good idea to have multiple stations.

Cold Catering Hors D Oeuvres

Cold appetizers are a great choice. Here is an example of some of the cold appetizers that catering companies in Cary can serve.

  • Hummus
  • Three tomato soup with Drake goat cheese
  • Shrimp cocktail

Hot Appetizers

Although many people prefer cold appetizers, hot appetizers are still a good option. They are typically high in protein. Here are some examples of hot appetizers.

  • Mini crabs
  • Seared scallops
  • Meatballs
  • Sake-marinated chicken satay

If you have vegetarian guests at your event, then you can serve herb-stuffed mushrooms and mini chive pancakes.

Tribeca Catering can help you if you are in need of affordable catering in Cary. We are happy to offer you a free estimate before any work is done.

Be the Tailgate MVP with Tribeca Catering Company

How to Have the Best Tailgate Party

Whether your tailgate party is for family and friends or as a large company event, it is so important to have the right atmosphere. From the food and drinks to the tent, location, and service, a lot of planning goes into organizing a party where everyone feels comfortable, welcomed, and ready for the game. It’s easy to have convenient and carefree sports event catering in Cary, Raleigh, or Apex with Tribecca Catering Company.

Why Go Professional?

When you choose a professional to organize your tailgate party, not only can you kick back and enjoy the party, you can leave all shopping, cooking, set-up, and clean-up to the pros, too. No more wondering if you’ve bought enough cheese for all your friends or if you remembered to pack enough serving spoons or set up enough tables. When you choose a professional for your sports event catering in Raleigh, Apex, or Cary, you’re free to mingle, relax, and spend some quality time with your guests.

Why Tribecca Catering Company?

Tribecca Catering Company has the experience and reputation you can trust to make everyone feel welcome. With expertise in sports catering in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh, you know the mood of the event will be just right, never too formal or stuffy, but always immaculate and delicious. Sports event catering in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex is about having fun and rooting for your team as well as showing some old fashioned hospitality to your guests, whether you’re hosting 10 or hosting 100.

Tips and Suggestions:

• Let Tribecca Catering company know if there are any special celebrations—all packages can be customized for birthdays, class reunions or other special events.
• Let Tribecca know if there are any food allergies or restrictions; delicious food is available for every diet.
• Sports events in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh get sold-out quickly, so plan ahead if you need Tribecca to reserve a tailgate spot for you.
• Sports event Catering in Cary, Raleigh, and Apex is more affordable than you might think. Schedule a free consultation today!

8 Not So Obvious Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Planning the perfect meal for your event involves more than deciding on tasty options. How will the food be plated? What will the servers wear? To address often-overlooked concerns, we compiled a list of questions you should ask before you hire a caterer.

  1. Have you catered at my venue?

If a caterer is familiar with your chosen venue, they will know if there are any concerns that need addressing. At Cary Catering, we will request a site visit if we are not familiar with the venue.

  1. Is the menu flexible?

Before you narrow your food choices, you need to know if you have an option of customizing the cuisine, or if you can only select foods from a preset menu. If a specific food item is important to you, experienced caterers will find a way to incorporate it into your flavor profile. Don’t forget to inquire about accommodations for guests with dietary restrictions, as well as kid-friendly and vendor meals.

  1. What type of food service do you recommend?

Even if you are working on a budget, you want the menu to include a variety of tasty temptations. From bountiful buffets to perfectly plated dishes Cary Catering Services will provide you with endless creative options.

  1. What time will you arrive and how long does it take to set up?

Avoid the headache of wondering when the caterer will arrive. Typically, it takes the Cary Catering team about two hours to set up.

  1. How long do I have before I need to provide a final guest count?

Policies differ. Cary Event Catering requests a final head count at least five business days ahead of the event so we can have everything ready on the big day.

  1. What happens to the leftover food?

For health and food safety reasons, caterers do not provide doggy bags for guests to take food home.

  1. What will the staff wear?

Most caterers outfit their staff with professional uniforms. Our Cary Catering staff arrives dressed in all black attire.

  1. Do you provide full service?

In addition to food preparation, you need to know if the caterer will supply the tableware and handle the table settings and cleanup.

Our Cary event catering company is dedicated to your success. So, don’t be shy about asking questions. Learn more by contacting us today to schedule a free consultation.

What You Need to Know Before Planning Your Summer Event

How to Get an Exquisite Taste of Summer Catering

Summer is exciting and yet calming at the same time. When I think of summer, I’m overwhelmed by all the activities and outdoor event catering Cary that my family, friends and I can do. This is when hangouts with scrumptious delicacies cross my mind.

Yes, the thought is exhilarating but sometimes the sunny and hot long days can suddenly change my mood. Therefore, I need to be aware of what I need to check before I can prepare a summer event. This ensures my event goes as the desired factoring in all conditions and circumstances.

I know for sure, where there is my family most definitely there is food. I would recommend the hiring of a professional to take the catering service to a notch higher. Whether it’s a summer event, outdoor event or a party in Cary, you can never go wrong if you involve a catering company.

A perfect summer event catering Cary should ensure:

Special Attention to Hydration

How would you love personalized water bottles with still and carbonated water with a spike of fresh fruit? This helps in reducing the possibility of dehydration due to the warm weather from the sunny environment.

Shade is Paramount

Well, we don’t want to get sunburnt. Tents, market umbrellas, tree shades, and overhangs could be options. A professional will take you through the process of the setups, décor and obtain permits to ensure an event is successful when planning.

Proper Food Handling

With the heat, in an outdoor or party event catering Cary, we have to know what to serve, when to serve and how to serve the delicacies. This avoids overheated meals or melted cakes and ice creams.

What About Those Outdoor Pests?

Hot party catering Cary may be prone to biting insects and mosquitoes, therefore, providing repellants would be essential. In a nutshell, for all summer event catering Cary, outdoor event catering and party catering in Cary apart from getting an event organizer; letting your guest know what to expect is equally important in planning for your summer event.

Our Wedding Caterers Found Some Cool Apps That Make Wedding Planning Simple

Coordinating a wedding can be stressful with or without a wedding planner. Fortunately, we found some great apps to ease the planning burden. From finding a venue to tracking RSVPs, these free wedding planning apps will help you create the wedding of your dreams.

  1. iWedPlanner

Whether you need to organize seating arrangements or keep track of vendors the iWedPlanner app helps you handle it all. Along with wedding catering ideas, it features a checklist, budget planner, and helpful tips. You can even upload a photo to try different hairstyles.

  1. LadyMarry Wedding Planner

If you fantasize about the perfect wedding, then LadyMarry is the app for you. The app comes with a customizable checklist you can use across all your Android or iOS devices. Need to delegate responsibilities, make sure your wedding planner is staying on top of things, or share plans with your fiancé? LadyMarry has you covered, making it easy to coordinate the day-to-day details with just one tap.

  1. WeddingHappy

The WeddingHappy app reminds you when a task needs handling or a deadline is approaching. Choose from preloaded tasks or make your own to-do list. You can share your checklist with vendors or family and friends to make sure your wedding team is on the same page.

  1. Our Day

Our Day Wedding Planner app guides you step-by-step and keeps you on schedule. Features include a customizable calendar, budget tracker, wedding day countdown, and playlist to help you choose your favorite songs.

  1. The Knot Wedding Planner

The Knot comes loaded with resources to help you plan a memorable wedding. With over 250,000 vendors to choose from, you will have no problem locating dresses, flowers, and more. Plus, you can take virtual tours of wedding venues.

Use these free wedding planning apps to organize a stress-free wedding. Do you need wedding catering ideas for your big day? Contact Tribeca Catering today.