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4 Tips for Throwing a Dinner Party Without Losing Your Mind

Hosting a dinner party can be fun, or it can be overwhelming. How you approach the plans can make all the difference. The following four tips can help you take a stress-free approach to party planning.

Set a Theme

It’s easier to organize your plans if you set a theme for the party. You can focus your invitations, your food and your decorations around that theme. It’s easier to keep your mind uncluttered when you can immediately toss out any idea that doesn’t mesh with the focus of the night. If you let your catering companies in Cary know about your theme, they can suggest meal ideas that tie right in.

Focus the Guest List

Catering companies in Cary will be quick to advise you: There’s no sense in inviting too many guests. Not only will you feel overwhelmed by addressing that many invitation envelopes and keeping track of everyone’s RSVPs, but you’ll also have to find space for all those people. Dinner party catering in Cary is more special and more intimate when you keep the guest list manageable.

Set an End Time

When you send out invitations, specify how long the party will last. That way, both you and your guests will know exactly what to expect at the end of the night. You’ll also be able to communicate that information to the company you hire for party catering in Cary.

Turn Down the Lights

It’s tempting to think that you have to clean every corner of your house before company shows up. Yes, you should tidy up ahead of time, but it’s not necessary to scrub every baseboard with a toothbrush. Instead, dim the lights so the specks of dust go unnoticed. Candles will provide illumination and ambiance without revealing too many flaws.

To take the stress of cooking off your pre-party plate, contact our team about dinner party catering in Cary.

Be the Tailgate MVP with Tribeca Catering Company

How to Have the Best Tailgate Party

Whether your tailgate party is for family and friends or as a large company event, it is so important to have the right atmosphere. From the food and drinks to the tent, location, and service, a lot of planning goes into organizing a party where everyone feels comfortable, welcomed, and ready for the game. It’s easy to have convenient and carefree sports event catering in Cary, Raleigh, or Apex with Tribecca Catering Company.

Why Go Professional?

When you choose a professional to organize your tailgate party, not only can you kick back and enjoy the party, you can leave all shopping, cooking, set-up, and clean-up to the pros, too. No more wondering if you’ve bought enough cheese for all your friends or if you remembered to pack enough serving spoons or set up enough tables. When you choose a professional for your sports event catering in Raleigh, Apex, or Cary, you’re free to mingle, relax, and spend some quality time with your guests.

Why Tribecca Catering Company?

Tribecca Catering Company has the experience and reputation you can trust to make everyone feel welcome. With expertise in sports catering in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh, you know the mood of the event will be just right, never too formal or stuffy, but always immaculate and delicious. Sports event catering in Raleigh, Cary, and Apex is about having fun and rooting for your team as well as showing some old fashioned hospitality to your guests, whether you’re hosting 10 or hosting 100.

Tips and Suggestions:

• Let Tribecca Catering company know if there are any special celebrations—all packages can be customized for birthdays, class reunions or other special events.
• Let Tribecca know if there are any food allergies or restrictions; delicious food is available for every diet.
• Sports events in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh get sold-out quickly, so plan ahead if you need Tribecca to reserve a tailgate spot for you.
• Sports event Catering in Cary, Raleigh, and Apex is more affordable than you might think. Schedule a free consultation today!

Special Event Lighting Trends This Summer

Summer can be a perfect time to host a special event. The days are longer, allowing for more time to spend together in celebratory events outside. Longer days also make setting up the areas easier because of more daylight. Fresh flowers and greenery are easily incorporated, and there is more variety of locally grown produce available during the prime growing season. Special lighting effects can complement any summer party trends and help evoke warm memories of fun summer frolics. Planning on special lighting for events with Tribecca Catering in Cary will add flair and style for all occasions.

Candles to illuminate pathways

Candles can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Electric candles are especially useful for outdoor lighting as there is no worry about the wind blowing out the candles or causing any hazards. Many types of containers can be used to hold the candles, and it is easy to use the candles to both accent the event theme and provide subtle lighting. Group the candles in arrangements that are effective for the space they inhabit, using large containers for more spaced lights and smaller groupings for more detailed settings.

Design freely with string lights

String lights are versatile and can be used on almost any type of surface. They can be strung on tents, trees and bushes for outside lighting and attached to walls, curtains and columns for interior lighting. They are available in different colors and lengths and are easy to string. Using party lighting trends with your event is easy with these lights that can be shaped to complement the other decorations and themes.

Special LED lights

While LED lights can be used in both string lights and battery-powered candles, special LED lights that are in molded settings can be particularly effective. These can come in many shapes and be used for designs and lettering. They can be remotely controlled and be programmed in special sequences.

When you are ready to start planning your special event that will be amenable for modern party lighting trends, contact Tribecca Catering in Cary for all your catering needs. We can bring the type of service and commitment you require to any event you are holding.